Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Project #1: Ceilings are overrated

After our closing on Friday, we decided job #1 must be the dirtiest, nastiest, biggest project in the reno - putting the ceiling in the floor. From past experience, we know if we (meaning Stacy) can survive this udder chaos and filth, all the other projects will be downhill from here.

We are vaulting the ceilings in the living and dining rooms and tearing out the walls between these rooms and the kitchen in order to open up our living space.

So here is our lovely living and dining room bright and early Monday morning:

And here it is just a few hours later...

And the man who makes this magic happen:

Welcome Home

Welcome to Homemade Ranch! This is our family's journey of breathing new life into a mid-century home that needs lots of love. We have got the love to share, just not much time or money.
Time: our first baby arrives in (hopefully) less than 14 weeks.
Money: we are the self-employed "creative types", does this need more explanation?
We may be crazy but we like a challenge, so we're diving in!
Here we go!